A Pig Tale

Kai-Li never had a lot of love for humans. They were such a strange species and so hard to understand, always frustrated her and made things difficult. Even as a little bun wearing schwein she'd yell ‘I hate humans!’ as she smashed her GameBoy into the ground, upset at whoever created level 12 in Tetris.
As she grew older her friends crowned her Queen Misanthrope, an outspoken but original title for such a playful girl who still hated humans more than anyone she'd ever met. She was rarely seen in clubs or at hangouts because she always had more fun at home puzzling, snacking and adding names to her blacklist. Her whole life she'd always used her Birthday wishes for one thing; to have someone, or something in her life that felt the way she did.
One Friday night while slurping bubble tea and nibbling on sunflower seeds she ordered a 'thousand year old egg' because she remembered having them as a fat little kid. When it arrived she knew right away this was no ordinary egg, it was special. The shell was super black and strong, with a bold slash across it as if it was trying to say ‘Don’t touch me!’ It was so unique looking that she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Days passed without Kai-Li even blinking. Her excitement grew and grew as she kept thinking ‘Could it be that my wish has finally come true?’ Suddenly she heard a loud, ‘Whuaaaaaaa!’ as a tiny horn poked its way through the shell. The egg shattered into pieces and a miniature unicorn pig jumped out of the shell yelling ‘I’m Mopsi, I hate humans!’
Kai-Li’s eyes transformed into hearts, pumping with love and admiration. A human hating unipig for human haters, Mopsi was perfect! Her tiny horn capable of stabbing humans, and wings to fly away! The two connected eyes just for a moment before Mopsi jumped, flipped, and flew off into the distance ready to spread her human hating message to the rest of the world.